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creative flowers inc | petal and bean

Flower Maven: Dina Sanchez. Social / Blogger: Stacy Sanchez. Destination Wedding Planning Services, Event Design in Breckenridge, Colorado.


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Fresh roses just arrived. Now they need to open for a few days to get ready for the weekend. // #breckweddings #breckeridge #florist #rose #flowers  (at creative flowers inc | petal and bean)
Flower girls and dogs of honor at one of the special #keystonewedings at the @keystone_resort. 

Image: @kaybeaton
Florals: @theflowermaven of @petalandbean  (at Keystone Ranch)
@theflowermaven checking out the work of Chihuly at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  (at Chihuly Exhibit, Denver Botanical Gardens)
Had to stop and enjoy where I live for a few moments before heading back to Breck after retrieving rentals from the Ski Tip Lodge yesterday. // @keystone_resort #keystonemoments #keystoneweddings  (at Summit Cove)
Flowers line the deck railing, are suspended I hanging baskets and are planted in the ground at the Ski Tip Lodge. This is one of our favorite spots lately. // @keystone_resort #keystoneweddings #keystonemoments #breckweddings (at Ski Tip Lodge)
Check out one of the bridesmaids bouquets by @theflowermaven for yesterday’s wedding at the Ski Tip Lodge at the @keystone_resort. One of the guests staying there said a moose came by every evening. I wonder if he showed up for the wedding too. #keystoneweddings #keystonemoments (at Ski Tip Lodge)
Traveling from Oklahoma to Colorado to get married in the mountains, Lisa and Chad walk holding hands as they enjoy the moment. Image courtesy of Robin Johnson Photography. // #breckweddings  (at Sapphire Point Overlook)
Lauren’s Bouquet // If you look close you can see succulents, garden roses, and few more ingredients in the recipe for this custom bridal bouquet. Hea over to the @theflowermaven and @breckweddings for even more flowery goodness and mountain love. // @keystone_resort @theflowermaven #keystoneweddings #keystonemoments #breckweddings #breckbecause (at Ski Tip Lodge)
One of the chefs at the Ski Tip Lodge cuts fresh herbs to be used in tonight’s reception dinner. Now that’s a nice touch! // @keystone_resort #keystoneweddings #keystonemoments #breckweddings (at Ski Tip Lodge)
All the wood in #Rubywood kind of casts a warm glow inside while our flowers are placed on slabs of wood next to lanterns on a lace table runner. @paragonlodging #breckweddings  (at Rubywood)